All Stars 5+ Wave

Since the earliest days of Mythic Legions, the addition of “All Stars” reissue figures have been wildly popular
amongst Legionnaires. Fans have appreciated the chance to have access to rereleases of old, hard-to-find
figures - and to also have a say in which of those figures make the All Stars roster via a fan vote! For the 5th
installment of the All Stars series, we have changed things up a bit, adding some brand new, never before
released figures alongside the rereleases! The end result is the most popular Mythic Legions: All Stars wave
we have ever offered! This is “Mythic Legions: All Stars 5+”.
The All Stars 5+ wave starts with 3 reissued figures voted on by fans. These include the Mercurian warrior
Rahmulus (first offered in the Coliseum wave), the Viking skeleton Ilgar (first offered in the 1.5 wave), and the
yellow-skinned demon twin Azhar (first offered in the initial 1.0 Kickstarter wave).
Like in previous All Stars releases, this new wave also includes a pair of the popular “Power-Con Debut”
figures! The winged Zenithon and the multi-armed Okeaetos are sure to be fan favorites, especially because
these figures include items normally found on “Deluxe” figures (wings and multi-arms), but they are being
offered at the standard pricing! There is a ton of value in this pair of characters!
Next we have 5 brand new figures! These include the ultra-popular Xylernian Guard (multiple heads with this
figure allow for army building), the goblin alchemist Swigg, the vengeful female knight Lady Avarona, and the
Northern ranger named Duban (complete with his falcon companion and fully wired soft goods cloak).
Completing this offering of new figures is something fans (and retailers) have long requested - a new horse!
Boreus is sure to be a popular figure for fans of Legions and of other lines! Like our previously released Balius
figure, this horse is not character specific, meaning it can be used with a range of Legions figures or similarly
sized figures from other toy lines.
Rounding out the All Stars 5+ offering is the first ever “Mythic Legions Heads Pack”. Also voted on by fans, this
set includes 6 heads that can be used with Mythic Legions figures. 5 of the heads are repainted versions of
previously offered head sculptures, while the 6th head is a brand new piece - a savage, open-mouthed
vampire! The Heads Pack also includes 4 neck pieces as well as items meant to work alongside some of the
heads (tail and shoulder for the feline head, and a helmet for the Bog Goblin).

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