Mythic Legions - Swigg - All Stars 5+ Wave

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Goblins are the smallest and least powerful of
the Impure, a fact which has long bothered King
No’Glin. Wishing to increase the importance of
the goblin army to the machinations of Gorgo
Aetherblade, the goblin king has tasked his chief
alchemist with creating magical elixirs to give to
his goblin soldiers. Hidden in his lab in the depths
of Gobhollow, Swigg brews potions that
grant those who drink them abilities such as
unmatched strength, impenetrable skin, the
ability to fly or to turn invisible – that is, of
course, if the potions work as intended! Not all of
Swigg’s concoctions perform as planned, and
taking a drink of one of his potions is always a

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