Mythic Legions - Boreus - All Stars 5+ Wave

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The mighty horses found in the wilds of Xylernia
combine the primordial strength of untamed beasts
with a deep intelligence borne of the Fae magic that
surrounds them. While these proud beasts refuse to
be tamed, they have been known to willingly offer
their assistance to members of Xylona’s Flock who
are in need of their speed and their strength.
Legend has it that the greatest of these wild horses,
a grey stallion known as Boreus, appears only to the
noblest warriors and only in times of dire need. Said
to possess the chaotic power of a winter storm
somehow contained within the body of an animal,
Boreus races forward like the chilling Northern
winds, cutting through any foes who dare to
threaten those under his protection.

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