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The Loyal Subjects

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Keeping the 80’s and 90’s flame lit, The Loyal Subjects presents the dynamic antagonist duo of Tokka and Rahzar (each sold separately)!

Rahzar stands tall (a smidge under 6”), and is adorned with all his battle-ready regalia, including a sewer manhole cover (for a shield), and some unfortunate soul whose skull has been mounted to a bone, and is now used as a club to batter his enemies with!  Boasting killer sculpt details, killer paint details, 31 points of articulation, multiple hand grips and a collector card. For all the TMNT faithful, this mutant wolf is a must-need addition to any Mutant collection!

This mutant gray wolf was created when The Shredder unleashed mutagen at a zoo. When his best friend Tokka was captured by the mutant hunter Dirk Savage, he set out on a mission to save him and make Savage pay. His combat skills and animalistic instincts make him a formidable adversary against the turtles in their ongoing battles against the forces of evil!  Packaged in a unique collector’s box with a dioramic insert.  Crisp paint, and clean sculpt details.  

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