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Raphael, with red eye band, is the representative of force among the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is impulsive and cynical, and when he is on a mission, he is the first to go and looks like a reckless man. His weapon is the Ninja Sai Forks, As the most capable fighter among the four turtles, Sprint taught him to work more seamlessly with his companions. The mecha he pilots, the TMNT-02, has invulnerable and powerful attack power as well as strong propulsive maneuverability.

The TMNT 03, Raphael's mecha, come with special mobility and offensive equipment tailored to Raphael's personality traits. By combining different weapons and equipment, it can take on various forms to suit its various means of attack.
At the beginning of the design process, HEATBOYS and SNAP thought about how to match this pioneer with a mecha that suited his personality and fighting characteristics.

After continuous experimentation, we finally finalized a bold innovation that combines the concepts of an American soccer player, giant fist claws, and powerful propulsion. Maximize the expression of Raphael's impulsive, passion, righteous character traits.

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