Transformers - MPM-15 Decepticon Brawl (Movie) - Masterpiece



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VEHICLE MODE: Features functioning tank treads, articulated tank barrel, and rotating tank tiers

Modeled after the Transformers live action movies, this Movie Masterpiece Decepticon Brawl action figure features film-inspired details and accessories, ideal for displaying on collectors’ shelves. This authentic Transformers collectible figure was inspired by the CAD files from the first live action Transformers movie and includes die cast parts and approximately 200 deco ops and 50 points of articulation. This Decepticon Brawl figure features specs and details inspired by the character’s appearance in the first live action Transformers movie and has articulated arms, legs, waist, and head. The figure includes shoulder missile pods, arm gauntlet with mini gun, PVC chest explosions, and missile fire. The Decepticon Brawl figure converts between movie-accurate robot and Modified M1A1 Abrams tank vehicle modes in 36 steps and features articulated arms, legs, waist, fingers, and head.

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