TMNT - Wingnut and Screwloose - Super7 Ultimates


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Along with his crazy crusading buddy, Screwloose, these Mighty Mutanimals are the vengeance in the night, helping the Ninja Turtles stomp some Foot on behalf of orphaned aliens everywhere! The 7" scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ULTIMATES! Wingnut figure features interchangeable heads & hands as well as removable wings, a soft goods cape, grenades, throwing bat, and of course, is also accompanied by Screwloose. Two heroes are always better than one, so get this inseparable pair by adding these made-to-order ULTIMATES! figures of Wingnut and Screwloose to your collection! Ages 14 and up. Accessories include:

  • 2x Interchangeable heads
  • 6x Interchangeable hands
  • 1x Blaster with 2 interchangeable attachments
  • 1x Radar dish attachment
  • 1x Grappling hook attachment
  • 2x Removable wings
  • 1x Removable utility belt
  • 1x Cape (soft goods)
  • 2x Grenades
  • 1x Throwing bat
  • 1x Screwloose Figure

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