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Slam Dunkin' Don is ready to shoot and score in the TMNT universe! This 7" scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ULTIMATES! figure of Slam Dunkin' Don features multiple interchangeable heads & hands and a variety of accessories including a basketball, backboard, trash can hoop, his bo staff, and more! To say this ULTIMATES! figure would be a slam dunk for your collection is way too obvious, so just go ahead and give the MVP - Mutant Valuable Player - what he deserves: a spot at the top of your TMNT collectibles roster! Ages 14 and up. Accessories include:

  • 2x Interchangeable heads
  • 6x Interchangeable hands
  • 1x Basketball
  • 1x Bo Sta? (assembles to freestanding basketball hoop)
  • 1x Pair of sport goggles
  • 1x Backboard Shield (assembles to freestanding basketball hoop)
  • 1x Trashcan basketball rim (assembles to freestanding basketball hoop)
  • 1x Sewer manhole cover (assembles to freestanding basketball hoop)

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