TMNT - BST AXN Exclusive Set 1 - The Loyal Subjects

The Loyal Subjects

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From the Loyal Subjects. A PREVIEWS Exclusive! Get out of the sewers and get ready to kick some major shell with this PREVIEWS Exclusive Action Figure 4-Pack from BST AXN! Donatello and Raphael face off against Shredder and his Foot Elite henchman in this limited edition set that features classic Mirage styling. With 31 points of articulation including: ball joints; swivel bicep and thigh joints; and double knee, shoulder, and elbow joints; these figures are ready for action with maximum poseability! Each figure includes multiple weapon (and pizza) accessories, and all 4 figures come packaged together in a beautifully illustrated collectors box that features iconic art from the classic Turtles comic books! This incredible PREVIEWS Exclusive Action Figure set is limited to only 8000 pieces and will make one shell of an addition to any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collection!

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