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ITEM #HH2202 - Ramen Racer - TIGER ORANGE (Base Model)
  • 49cm x 18cm x 14cm
  • 19" long x 7" wide x 5.5" high
  • ABS & PVC
  • Semi Gloss Orange Injected ABS body
Features :
  • Opening hood with engine detail
  • Opening truck with compartment detail
  • Opening doors with detailed interior
  • Positionable seats
  • Moving steering wheel
  • Toggle 'gear shift'
  • Light up Dashboard
  • Light up Headlights
  • Light up Taillights
  • Articulated front wheels
  • Dedicated rims for Version GL
  • Dedicated front grill set for Version GL
  • Realistic "rubber" tires with threads
  • Detailed underbelly
  • Removable front grille
  • Removable Tail light section
  • Removable wheel rims
  • Realistic reflective side & rearview mirrors
  • Accommodates up to 4 x 6 inch action figures
  • Flickering light mode with engine sounds & signature airhorn sound
  • Always on mode with head and tail lights
  • Powered by USB C & 4 Volt battery pack (sold separately)
  • Compatible with Inferno pack
  • Compatible with Interchange pack
  • Special sticker pack available upon request. Please indicate at your cart page in the "Order special instruction" box


  • Improved seats - Surface texture depicting "leather", higher profile (headrest) & increased thickness of back rest
  • Individual wheel suspension
  • Wheel can not be removed via screws for future upgrades.  Fully interchangeable wheel rims, previously was only change out rims
  • Trunk hood now made interchangeable for future upgrades
  • Headlights now has removable covers for open or closed option via full removable of front grille access
  • Further lowered flooring to allow for slightly taller figures
  • Embedded wind down door "window" with car door
  • CB Antenna included excusively with Tiger Orange

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