Mythic Legions - Belualyth - Necronominus Wave


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Character Details

  • Faction: Congregation of Necronominus
  • Race: Ghoul
  • Role: Beastmaster


When Necronominus was recalled to Mythoss, he did not return alone. Loyal acolytes of the Lord of Death who had been banished with him after the First Great War returned as well, including the ghoulish child of Necronominus named Belualyth. A beastmaster who commands a skeletal chimera, the legion of Turpiculi, as well as other unnatural monsters that have not been seen in Mythoss since the First Age, she resumes her role as one of the generals in her father’s undead army.

Toy Details

  • Released In: Necronominus
  • Accessories: Skeleton chimera, bird on wrist guard, caged serpent, bone-handled knife
  • Additional Heads: Yes - 2 heads, one with a nose and one without

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