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Compatible with Detolf IKEA Shelves


Display Pack is a must have for anyone who showcases their action figures. This is your chance to completely change the look and feel of your display unit by giving it life with these incredibly highly detailed Pop-Ups. This product does not only complete your display showcase, it can also be used for action figure photography, and animation.

Standing at 14.5-inches-tall, the Animated Sewer 2,0 Display Pack is a must-have display option for anyone wanted to highlight their action figure collection. The animated look gives your display unit a totally tubular look and feel. This eye-catching nostalgic design makes your action figures have a museum-quality scene that is amazing for toy displaneeds. The display pack features four highly detailed panels with foldout ground options, one TV, and one room divided for multiple display options. It also can be used for any toy photography or animation projects you want to tackle. 



  • Highly detailed
  • Perfect fit for display unit


  • Four (4) Wall panels measure 15 inches W x 14.5 inches H (38.1cm W x 36.83cm H) - Floor panels measure 15 inches W x 11.5 inches L (38.1cm W x 29.21cm H)
  • One (1) 3D room divider
  • One (1) 3D TV


  • Perfect for displaying 1/12 scale figures

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