Cosmic Legions - Highwarden Slogg - Large Scale - Hvalkatar: Book One

4 Horseman Studios

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Name-Common use: Slogg
Name-Full: Highwarden Slogg
Affiliation: T.U.5 C.C.
Planet of Origin: Ax-Ol 39

Initial Details:
The hulking commander of the prison Hvalkatar, Highwarden Slogg is a brutal tyrant not to be defied.

This 6-inch scaled (9-inches tall), highly articulated "COSMIC LEGIONS" deluxe action figure will come in a collector-friendly, 4-color window box, with character-specific packaging details and accessories. Final paints and certain details on the final product may vary slightly from the prototype image shown. All final accessories included may not be shown in the image.


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