Cosmic Legions - Altarr Cyllovius - Outpost: Zaxxius

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Subject Information

  • Name - Common Use:Altarr
  • Name - Full: Altarr Cyllovius
  • Race: Grayborn
  • Affiliation: The M.A.Z.E.
  • Planet of Origin: Nevoz 51

Toy Details

  • Released In: Outpost Zaxxius
  • Accessories: Large staff and 4 sets of hands
  • Additional Heads: No

Gathered Intelligence on this Subject:


The Grayborn’s ability to access a transcendental state known as “The Gray” has granted them considerable power, as well as a measure of celebrity, in Cosmerrium.  The M.A.Z.E. (The Meshed Assemblage of Zonal Enlightenment) is recognized system-wide as a source of information, and those who wield that information help shape the opinions of the populace. Yet, despite this power and influence, there are those among the Grayborn who believe that the M.A.Z.E. is being used improperly, and they long for a return to the ways of old.

Altarr Cyllovius is a Grayborn Traditionalist, one of a growing number of this race who have begun to argue for a return to the days before The M.A.Z.E. and their association with official government bodies.  A belief that information should be shared freely and without dilution or added interpretation of the facts is what Altarr and the traditionalists have argued. It is a stance which has brought them to the attention of many in Cosmerrium, including some who agree with what they preach and others who wish to see these sermons, and those who speak them, silenced.

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