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9 inch Figure

After the disappearance of Lemuria, some stones and machines were left behind, which indirectly destroyed Atlantis. Then the new civilizations were rising all over the world, and the new crises were also beginning to emerge.

When cheers sounded in the air, coins fell like rain and blood splashed on the ground, mankind's cruel nature was exposed in the arena.

It was an age of craze and legends. Someone rose and someone fell, which lead to endless loop. Then an unprecedented game was held, funded by the senate, provided security by the praetorian guards. It was supported by the lanistas in the cities. They brought the best gladiators into this carnival in order to gain gold and glory.

However, something was out of the ordinary. No one ever noticed that the cursed beasts and monsters had been placed in the dungeon of the Colosseum. When those dangerous things were released, a grand game would inevitably result in a series of bloody killings..

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