Futuristic Combat Soldiers

eCollectibles.ca is the only place in Canada to acquire Futuristic Combat Soldiers from Invincible Toys! Future Descendants is an upcoming Comic Book that will feature the heroes and villains of this world.

Invincible Toys strides into battle with the Futuristic Combat Soldiers Line! A premium line of highly detailed and articulated, futuristic 6" (1:12 scale) action figures.  This brand new line includes: detailed original character designs, futuristic style weapons/accessories, and boasts (OVER 30) points of high quality articulation. The Futuristic Combat Soldiers line provides unique characters along with army building options for collectors. With the initial funding goal of $98,000, we will be able to produce 5 characters, 1 artist proof add-on figure,  head and weapons add-ons, and a Ranger Spec OPS V2 (KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVE) figure. The Futuristic Combat Soldiers Line includes Ranger001, Spartan003, Plains Warrior004, Cowboy005, and Samurai006, with additional figures planned to reinforce your army as our STRETCH GOALS.

Please read at the bottom of the page to learn how the funding and shipping process of this Kickstarter works and how you will be able to pick which characters you would like at the very end of the project! 

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