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The future of law enforcement has arrived! From the original RoboCop movie, the Enforcement Droid 209 Series stands nearly 10" tall and is totally in movie-accurate scale with NECA's 7" RoboCop figures (sold separately). This is a massive figure and finally provides a worthy opponent for RoboCop.

ED-209 is fully poseable and incredibly detailed. The figure has an articulated head, legs that slide up and down, hinged arm wing panels, and poseable cannon arms. ED-209 also features movie-accurate sound effects and dialogue! Press a button and hear hydraulic machinery sounds, the metallic growl "Warning: throw down your weapon. You have 15 seconds to comply" and more.

Packaging features original illustrations by Jason Edmiston. Uses 3 button cell batteries, included.


  • Tons of moveable features
  • Movie-accurate sound effects and dialogue
  • Stands nearly 10" tall and in scale with our 7" Action Figure Line

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