Hammond Collection - Tyrannosaurus Rex - Jurassic Park


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Discover the thrills and adventure of the whole Jurassic World Series captured in the line that is named for Jurassic Park’s founder and sets a new quality standard for dinosaur collectables -- the Hammond Collection!

See the Tyrannosaurus Rex as it appears in Jurassic Park with the premium design of this 24-inch long figure. It is designed in scale to humans and other dinosaur figures in the Hammond Collection, each sold separately, subject to availability

Let this Tyrannosaurus Rex action figure dominates the spotlight! Use the 14 points of articulation and appreciate its incredible movie-authentic detail, including color and texture from head to toe to tail!

This premium T. rex figure has detailed design features collectors will appreciate, including red glass eyes, stretchable jaw tendons and poseable tongue, ensuring dramatic and unique displays

Product Features

  • 24 inches long (61cm)
  • Made of plastic
  • From Jurassic Park
  • 14 Points of articulation
  • Stretchable jaw tendons and poseable tongue

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