Extreme Sets - Building 7.0 - 1/12 Scale Pop-Up Diorama

Extreme Sets

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The 7th Edition to the Building Pop-Up Diorama family has been built, and this time the building trades the concrete jungle for the neon lights of the not-too-distant future. This massive 30-inch tall behemoth features an innovative design that will make any collectible stand out. Each of the eight highly detailed panels features a design not seen in the Multiverse before. The two-level design adds to the creative nature in which you shoot your next amazing toy photo. The two removable rooftops allow you to set up this massive pop-up any way you choose. The interactive staircase provides your figures a new journey to step towards, and the new interior hallway allows for versatile points of display for your figures to recreate. Building 7.0 Pop-Up Diorama brings new life to any action figure display or photo shoot your mind can imagine.

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