Disney Ultimates - The Rescuers Bernard and Bianca - Super7



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Two mice are better than one! As seen in the classic Disney film The Rescuers, these two little mice from the Rescue Aid Society have a tall order ahead of them to rescue Penny! This ULTIMATES! multi-pack features both Miss Bianca and Bernard with interchangeable heads and hands plus multiple accessories including luggage, a lantern, and a map. Miss Bianca and Bernard are also accompanied by Evinrude and his leaf-boat, ready to go for a ride through Devil's Bayou! Rescue your collection with this set of figures! In this set you'll get Bernard and Miss Bianca figures, each with alternate hands, head, and luggage. You'll also get a lantern, map, leaf boat, and insect Evinrude figure! Ages 14 and up.

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