Beast Kingdom - The Joker (Heath Ledger)

Beast Kingdom

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Following the release of the classic purple-suited and bank robber Joker from the Dark Knight, Beast Kingdom, The Entertainment Experience Brand is once again, excited to bring the latest variation of The Joker for fans of the crazed clown!

The D.A.H. (Dynamic 8ction Heroes) The Joker, Interrogation Room Version, is a 1/9 live-action scale fully posable (28 joints) action figure that takes detailing to the next level. Bringing to life the entire setting of the interrogation scene, fans can not only enjoy a highly articulable figure but can do so with the infamous chair and table used to initially torment the Joker, before he quickly gets to "turn the tables" on the shocked Batman.

In addition, a number of accessories are also included on top of the table and chair, such as a lamp, hand-cuffs and two Joker head sculpt, with different looks.

The set includes a special edition, exclusive accessory for the DAH-023, Dark Knight himself (sold separately), a head-sculpt of Batman with glow in the dark eyes! Only available in the DAH-024DX set.

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